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Bridie&Robert, Yarra Valley

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Seven months ago, when Bridie asked me to shoot her wedding, I was very, very, very, happy. Not only because it will give me the opportunity to discover a new place: The Yarra Valley, one of the finest Pinot Noir regions from one of my countries (just behind Burgundy ;)), but because I first met Bridie 7 years ago when she was a bridesmaid at her sister’s wedding.

I often shoot ‘sister’, ‘bridesmaid’, ‘cousin’, ‘friend of the mum of the sister of the cousin’ weddings, but I think that it is the first time that there is such a long time in between the two weddings. And yet, I remember Michaela&Hamish’s wedding very well. Seven years ago, I was still shooting in films and one of the reasons that I remember it so well was that I passed hours in the dark room to create those black&white prints that are now framed in the parents’s house.

It was so great to seeĀ  everyone again; to go back to the same parents’ house and recognise the spots where I did the shoot many years ago; to meet Michaela&Hamish’s kids and see how the toddler from the old photo is now a big girl (the flower girl). And once again, witness a beautiful family event.

So to Bridie, the Bride, here is the photo-story of Bridie&Rob’s big day.

Ceremony and reception at: Zonzo, Yarra Valley, Victoria

Enjoy the photos!

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6 Responses to Bridie&Robert, Yarra Valley

  1. Patricia Stillman says:

    Bridie, There is no one who deserves happiness more than you. To Your Life and Love. Always, Patricia
    Please come back to the States for A visit. We miss you.

  2. Michaela says:

    I was so glad when Bridie and Rob asked you to be the photographer!

    You have done such a beautiful job (again!), no surprise there of course. You have illustrated the absolute joy of the occasion, well done!!

    Best Regards,

    Michaela and family
    (Bridie’s sister)

    • Hey, Michaela, does Madeleine like her portrait?
      You will have to frame it near the wedding photos! The photo of Gillespie too!

      • Michaela says:

        Yes she loves it (she smiled alot and looked down to her toes!)
        Yes I agree we should get those photos printed!
        And it must be about time for us to get another big print from our wedding!
        Will be in touch soon,

        Michaela and Hamish

  3. Amaryah says:

    Florent, thanks so much for capturing the day! My favourites are the dancing pictures. It was such a fun, beautiful wedding!