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Monique&Doug, Pymble

In many cultures of the world, people say that if it’s raining on your wedding, it will be a happy marriage. In most cases, I believe that those are consolation words for the newly weds that are normally a bit disappointed with their wedding’s weather.

I heard a different story in France.

French people say: ‘Mariage pluvieux, mariage heureux’ that translates to ‘Rainy wedding is a happy marriage’. Someone told me one day that it was actually a phonetic deformation of the original expression which was: ‘Mariage plus vieux, mariage heureux’. Meaning: ‘If you get married older, it will be a happy wedding’.

I’m not sure that rain on your wedding day will make the marriage work better, but I have no doubt that taking such an important engagement at a more mature age will increase the chances of a happy marriage.

Monique and Doug did things well and listened to the original French expression, but chose a beautiful sunny day to welcome their close friends and family to a beautiful celebration of their love.

It was beautiful to see their closest friends working all together to make it a great day: amazing food and wine were served all day by Monique’s witness’s catering company, the MC and witness of Doug was The Honourable Dr Brendan Nelson and close friends Lee Kernaghan and Kamahl did the show on the evening.
Fine people, fine wine – everything was here for a fantastic wedding!

Here is my little photo-story of this day.

Enjoy the photos! And one more time: Congratulations Monique and Doug!

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One Response to Monique&Doug, Pymble

  1. What a wonder day it looks like!!! How I wi8sh I had been able to be there… so much happiness shared by so many people (and a dog!)and a celebration of the love between two very special ones! Bless you both, love from Helen and Mitty the poodle.