Wedding Guest Etiquette

The most basic form of wedding guest etiquette is that a bride should not allow her groom to enter the reception while he is engaged. This tradition was created centuries ago when it was common for a young man to propose marriage without tying the knot first. Another reason for this tradition is that if the groom waited to propose, it would have been viewed as an affront to the bride. Today, however, it is seen as quite appropriate and common, and the bride’s groom may enter the reception while she is still engaged.

Dress Code

The rules of etiquette concerning wedding guests have changed in recent years. In the past, guests were not expected to wear their “best” attire, but now there is a general expectation that all members of the wedding party will wear their “best” attire. A bride and groom may dress in informal clothing, but guests are expected to follow the same etiquette. The bride and groom may wish to determine whether their wedding guests are expected to dress in formal or informal attire, as this can help them choose their wedding dresses.

Bride and Groom

Traditionally, a bride and groom were required to ask the bride and groom of aunts and uncles to wear their best attire, but this is no longer the case. While aunts and uncles might not be available, a bride and groom may have older relatives who are willing to dress formally. If the bride and groom have no relatives, they should choose a cousin or friend who will dress formally.


Another tradition often copied from older traditions, states that the bridesmaids should wear their “best” attire and the maid of honor and flower girl should also wear their “best.” However, an exception may be made if the wedding party believes that the bride and groom’s “best” outfit might not look appropriate with one of the other bridesmaids’ or maid of honor’s “best” outfit. In these cases, the bridesmaid and flower girls may wear what they believe to be their “best” outfits, but the bridesmaid or flower girls’ “best” outfits must not be less than formal.

Wedding Guest Etiquette

Traditionally, brides had few choices about the attire they would wear to their wedding; therefore, many brides chose their apparel with little regard for wedding guest etiquette. The bride’s gown was chosen, but there was very little thought given to what other members of the wedding party would wear. It was customary for the maid of honor to choose gowns for the bridesmaids, but a wedding guest might opt for gowns for any member of the wedding party.

Since there is no set formal dress code for weddings, a wedding guest is responsible for selecting the attire she will wear to the wedding. However, it is still important for wedding guests to know how to appropriately dress for a wedding. Wedding etiquette includes many aspects of dress and style, so a guest should be prepared and informed before arriving at the wedding.

Hair and Makeup

It is quite acceptable for a bride’s dress to be more formal than a maid of honor’s gown. However, even a formal wedding gown is expected to be worn respectably. Maid of honor gowns is traditionally embroidered with the wedding’s name and the bride’s maiden name.

The bride should never have her hair or makeup done before the wedding; neither should she wear a formal gown, unless she chooses to do so. The groom should not wear a wedding gown, nor should he take his bride out for dinner before the wedding. The wedding day should be a time for the bride and groom to be free for themselves and friends and family. Bridesmaids are also expected to refrain from wearing makeup and jewelry, as well as showered and dressed properly.

Extra Tips

Guests should also refrain from wearing swimsuits, especially at the beach or other water-related activities, as the water is considered to be inappropriate for weddings. A formal dinner gown is appropriate, however, and very appropriate for women who do not like the idea of being seen on their wedding day in bathing suits. Both the bride and groom should wear dresses that are appropriate for the occasion, but the groom should not be seen in casual attire.

The bridesmaids should dress for the occasion, and the bride should dress according to wedding dress etiquette, including presenting her bridesmaids with their wedding dresses. before the wedding, and should keep them in the gown until it is time to walk down the aisle. walk down the aisle together.

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